New Xbox 360 (Slim) and Kinect Videos and Photos


January 2012

new xbox 360 slim

Microsoft revealed the new Xbox 360 and the Kinect device at the MSFT E3 2010 Keynote… check out the pictures and videos.

The Xbox is smaller in size and comes with a new flashy design, sensitive buttons, larger storage capacity (250Gb VS the current 120Gb), and a WiFi 802.11/n module.

This new version is also less noisy, noise being a recurrent issue with the current Xbox 360. Nice!. It also offers 5 USB ports (versus 3 in the current Xbox).

The new Xbox 360 will be available in your nearest store on July, 16th.

xbox 360 slim 2010



Video showing the video game console box being opened and plugged in.

Microsoft also revealed the final version of their Project Natal, now officially called Kinect, which is a controller-free gaming device, allowing you to play with your arms.

Kinect will be available in November 2010.

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