Finally an authentic photo of the MacTablet / iTouch?!


May 2010


After numerous photos of a possible new iPod Touch 3G surfaced, here is a more realistic photo of what seems to be the famous MacTablet which could be in this case called iTouch… In any case, hats down to the designer if this is a fake.


There is one detail that bothers me, the fact that the edges are matte when this design has not been utilized after the second generation of iPod Touch (2G)…

I have the impression that I have already seen this photo in the past, and why is there a Nokia E51 in this picture?

As mentioned by one of our readers, the choice of location for the “Home” button doesn’t seem ideal.

It would have been more user-friendly to put it on the side of the Tablet. Would that be a problem for left-handed or right-handed people, depending on the side chosen? No problem, because an accelerometer would allow you to switch display… ;)

Have you seen this Tablet before or is it just me?

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