A new problem for the iPhone 4 retina screen…


January 2012

screen problem iphone 4

We already knew that several iPhone 4 had issues with yellow spots appearing on the Retina Screen (Apple said that the issue should go away by itself after a few hours…). Today, Nicolas from Absolute Web has a new issue to report…

A few days after he received his iPhone 4, Nicolas noticed a dark spot appearing in the top left corner of the screen

Nicolas explains in the following video that this problem is only visible at low light, and gets worse when there is less light.

This seems to be the first of this type, but as Nicolas rightly points out, it is highly likely that other iPhones have the same defect, but that users have not realized it as they have not yet experienced it in low light…

After checking my own iPhone4 and my partner’s, they don’t seem be to affected. I invite you to check your own iPhone to see whether there is this issue or not. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to let me know.

PS: Thanks to Nicolas for letting me know about this problem!

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